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Medoncare Assist Men's Health on the 8th "Men's Health Day"

Time: 2019-11-01

Medoncare Assist Men's Health on the 8th "Men's Health Day"

Men’s Health Day falls on October 28 each year in China. The National Health and Planning Commission have been holding events to raise public awareness for men’s health, since 2000.


 men's health day 2019

The professors and doctors in andrology and urology department of third Xiangya Hospital offered free consultations for Men suffering from sexual disorder and urinary dysfunction. Around 100 patients attended the free consultation and received the professional advice from doctors.


 men's health 2019

Medoncare one of the largest pharmaceutical company in Hunan province provided free prostate supplements (1 month value/person) focusing on prostatitis and urinary dysfunction to the patients. Hope can release the pain for the patients.


 premature ejaculation

Previous surveys held by China Sexology Association showed that up to 31 percent of Chinese males aged 25 to 45 suffer from premature ejaculation (PE). However, 83 percent of those surveyed did not seek medical help due to low awareness and shyness.


 urinary dysfunction


The doctors urge men with problem to seek medical help as soon as possible to get the faster and better efficacy.