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Does obesity affect fertility?

Time: 2018-11-12

Does obesity affect fertility?


Some men have problems in the quality of semen when they have a physical examination. The examination shows the sperm is small, the vitality is problematic, or the deformity rate is high. So what is the cause? It is difficult to answer this question accurately because the current medical level can’t find out all the reasons. Known factors that may affect semen such as genetic and chromosomal abnormalities, varicocele, chemical pollution, environmental factors, and anxiety, etc. If you are a sterile patient, after seeing a doctor, the doctor can’t diagnose the cause of your cause is 70-80%. Some of the causes of semen quality are uncontrollable, such as environmental factors, Genetics, etc.


Recently, American scholars Eisenberg M.L published his findings. The male body shape affects the quality of semen. Since 2005-2009, 501 couples in two regions have been studied. It is found that overweight and obese people have lower semen volume and sperm count. The increase in body weight and waist circumference is poor in semen quality. Because the prostate health effect the semen quality. The prostate is a muscle, the best way to keep the prostate healthy is with a muscle-friendly diet and exercise. Weight control help maintain blood flow to the muscle and allows the prostate to function best. Staying at an unhealthy weight or living a sedentary lifestyle can lead to obstructed blood flow. This can lead to hypoxia, an oxyg en deficiency, and can increase risk of erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer. When blood can’t efficiently travel to and from the prostate, there’s an increased risk of genetic mutations and prostate cancer.Therefore, for men, a healthy lifestyle, active exercise, and maintaining a good body shape are not only important for maintaining heart health, but also for maintaining normal fertility.