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5 Konsiletoj Pri Sciatika Nerva Doloro-Malpezigo

Tempo: 2019-06-04

More and more people suffer the sciatica. Acturaly, the sciatica is a typical clinical symptom of orthopedic disease, but not a disease. The follwing diseases are the main causes of sciatica.

1. Lumbar spinal stenosis

The Sciatica caused by lumbar spinal stenosis is very often in middle-aged men. In the early stage, it goes along with "intermittent claudications".The pain in the lower extremities is increased, after a long time walk. But the symptoms will relieve or disapper after taking a rest.

sciatic nerve pain


2. Lumbar herniated disc

People with lumbar disc herniation often have a history of repeated low back pain or a history of heavy physical labor. It often acute after a lumbar injury or bending work. In addition to the symptoms and signs of sciatica, ĝi estos akompanata de lumba muskola spasmo, limigita lambara movado, ets. La intervertebraj diskaj herniaj partoj povas havi evidentan tenerecon kaj radian doloron. 

sciatic nerve pain caused by herniated disc

3. Lumbosacral radiculitis

Lumbosacral radiculitis generally begins with an acute onset. And the extent of damage often exceeds the area of the sciatic nerve. It manifests as weakness, pain and mild muscle atrophy in the lower limbs. Krome, achilles tendon reflexes often weaken and disappear.


4. Spinal trauma,tumor and pelvic diseases,ktp.

Spinal trauma, tumor and pelvic disorders, ktp. may also cause sciatica. 


All the above reasons can cause sciatica, and the most important cause is the lumbar disease.


Estas 5 tips to relieve the sciatica nerve pain:


1. Hovering heel

Put a stack of books on the ground, around 5cm high.Then step on the tip of the book with the heel hovering in the air. The persistance time depends on the time you can tolerate.

ciática traktado

2.Lying flat,Holding the thigh and lifting the calf

Lying flat with one leg flat, hands fixed the affected side of the thigh. Then straighten the knee joint slowly until the hind leg muscles gently tighten or have a feeling of pain. Stay 10 seconds and then relax, even 5 al 10 times.

sciatic nerve pain relief

3.Lying flat,Lifting the leg

Supine, lower extremities and active limbs. When there is tension or pain on the back of the thighs, stop for 5 al 10 seconds. Even 5-10 times.

herniated  disc sciatica treatment


4.Hot compress

Hot compresses can relax muscles and relieve pain.


Ultrasonic, shor-wave and other physical therapy methods can be used for sciatica.



As mentioned above, there are many reasons for sciatica.If the sciatica caused by lumbar spinal stenosis or lumbar herniated disc, pls ask the help from your doctor in time and DO NOT blindly exercise.