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2019 Pameran Merek Industri Kesehatan Internasional Shanghai

wektu: 2019-11-13

Medoncare attended 2019 Ninth Shanghai International Health Industry Brand Exposition during November 12th 2019 - November 14th 2019.


The 21st century is the century in which mankind pursues health; the 21st century is a new era in which everyone enjoys health care; in the 21st century, from the development of the economy to the care of one's own health; the 21st century people need health most!

The health industry is a global sunrise industry. With the advancement of urbanization, industrialization and population aging in China, the national health demand has increased remarkably, the public health awareness has generally increased, and people are pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Nowadays, the big health industry has become a new growth point for the Chinese economy.


Wiwit 2010, CIHE has been successfully held for 8 sessions and is co-sponsored by a number of industry authorities. It is committed to international positioning and attracts the world's leading big health technology and products to participate in the gathering of professional health buyers from all over the world. The exhibition is presented in the form of an international pavilion and a national pavilion to enhance the value of the exhibition and to make the exhibition the best platform for international exchanges in China's health industry.


Our company has made important discoveries and inventions in the fields of prostate health, kesehatan balung mburi, anti tumor, anti virus, Penyakit Alzheimer, and chronic infectious arthritis. So, our company attended this Exposition. In our booth, we communicated with peer institutions and customers for further actual cooperation.