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Prostatitis Kronis

wektu: 2019-09-12

Prostatitis Kronis

Chronic prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate that continues for 3 months or longer. It becomes one of the most painful health problems for men now. It can affect sexual function and cause the urinary dysfunction.

prostatitis kronis


Types of Chronic Prostatitis 

There are two different types of chronic prostatitis, which differ by the cause of the condition.

Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

A bacterial infection of the prostate causes chronic bacterial prostatitis. In some people, this infection develops following a urinary tract infection or treatment for acute bacterial prostatitis.

Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, or chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP or CPPS)

This is the most common type of prostatitis. But the exact cause is unknown. It causes a variety of symptoms that can be difficult to treat. Doctors suspect it may be due to a prior infection or a small injury that causes inflammation.

chronic prostatitis symptoms

Symptoms of chronic Prostatitis

The symptoms of prostatitis you experience will depend on the cause of the condition. You may experience pain or a burning sensation when urinating, a need to urinate frequently at night, difficulty urinating, and bloody or cloudy urine. You may have pain in your lower back, groin, or abdomen, the testicles or penis, or in the space between the scrotum and rectum. Ejaculation may also be painful for people with chronic prostatitis. 

Treatments for Chronic Prostatitis 

Treatment will depend on the type of infection you are diagnosed with. For chronic bacterial prostatitis, a long-term course of antibiotics is usually the first treatment. You may be required to take antibiotics for four to six weeks. Babagan 75% of chronic bacterial prostatitis cases clear up with antibiotic treatment.

In most cases of CP or CPPS, the cause of the condition is unknown. This means that treatment typically involves using medications to reduce or eliminate symptoms. Muscle relaxers, painkillers, and anti-anxiety medications are commonly prescribed for pain.

perawatan prostatitis kronis

Obat Tradisional Tionghoa (TCM) treatment for Chronic Prostatitis

Obat tradisional Tiongkok sing dicethakaké ana ing panemuan kasebut duweni efek nyebabake resusitasi, sumilir, ngaktifake aliran qi, ngusir stagnasi, nyuda ati hiperaktif, ginjel nyegerake, disinfeksi, disterilake, mupangat qi, activating blood and release inflammation.

The traditional Chinese medicine realizes scientific compatibility of various active ingredients of the traditional Chinese medicine, duwe kaluwihan saka tumindak cepet, no toxicity or side effects and lasting effects and can relieve the suffering of a patient to a relatively great extent.

supplements for chronic prostatitis

Tips Towards Preventing Prostatitis

The following tips are just a few of the preventative measures you can take to help to reduce your chances of developing prostatitis. For more information and ways to help reduce your risk, you should set up a consultation with your doctor.

  • Drink more water: Staying properly hydrated is essential for maintaining good prostate health. dehydration and urinary tract infections are risk factors for prostatitis and can worsen symptoms.
  • Practice good hygiene: Keep your penis and surrounding area clean can greatly reduce your risk of infection.
  • Reduce caffeine intake: Caffeinated beverage and can irritate your prostate and worsen the symptoms of prostatitis.
  • Practice safe sex: Certain sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, can cause bacterial prostatitis. Practicing safe sex, by using a condom, will help towards reducing your risk for prostatitis.
  • Exercise: Regular physical activity can have a huge impact on the prevention of both prostatitis and inflammation.
  • Consume more fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrient that will help in fighting infections and inflammation
  • Jaga bobot sing sehat: Being overweight is detrimental to overall prostate health. Make the effort to shed some of those unwanted pounds.