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थप आशा, थप सम्भावनाहरू, र थप lifeness.

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Founded by a team of returnee scientists with international pharmaceutical industry background in October,2010, MEDONCARE is committed to the development of technologies and products of original new drugs, सुधारिएको नयाँ औषधि, compound preparations, and Chinese medicine made in the western way, with independent intellectual property rights.

अग्रणी R को रूपमा&D enterprise of pharmaceutical industry in हुनान, MEDONCARE leads innovation cooperation projects with many local pharmaceutical companies. We have a 6,000㎡ (equal to 60,000 ft2) आर & D center. प्रयोगात्मक स्केल गरिएको सुविधा र उपकरणको मूल्य लाख डलरभन्दा बढी थियो, यसका लागि सेटअप गरिएको छ research and development of TCM and Chemical drugs. Collaborating with researchers in universities, institutes and hospitals, our company has made important discoveries and inventions in the fields of prostate health, मेरुदण्ड स्वास्थ्य, विरोधी ट्यूमर, एन्टी-भाइरस, अल्जाइमर रोग, र जीर्ण संक्रामक गठिया. We have applied for 28 CT and CN invention patents and are applying for 9 new invention patents. Our aim is to build core competitiveness in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our factory, located in Xiangyin County Industrial Park, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, is the largest health food GMP certified enterprise in Hunan Province, भन्दा बढिको एक विशेष उत्पादन र भण्डारण आधारको साथ 30,000 वर्ग मीटर.

Since its establishment, our factory regards product quality as the lifeline of the company, and implements quality management awareness in every aspect of production, from the procurement of raw materials, the production of semi-finished products, and the packaging of finished products to establish a strict quality management system.

We can not only provide the existing products, but also customize the products according to customers’ requirements. Our products are available to the world and have their own domestic and international marketing teams. We have mastered the R&डी, production, and sales of our products to provide health for the people in need around the world!