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The research and development of drugs mainly includes original new drugs, improved new drugs,TCM and chemical medicine.

Research fields include anti-tumor, immunological diseases, prostate diseases and metabolic diseases.

1. Based on existing traditional chemotherapy drugs, a series of anti-tumor supramolecular drugs were designed and modified through supramolecular technology, which can be used in the early and mid-term treatment of non-small cell lung cancer, liver cancer, etc.;Cancer pain relief;Treatment of brain metastases and gastrointestinal cancers

2. Treatment of immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Series of products for the prevention, treatment and health care of prostate inflammationand prostate hyperplasia.

4. Break through the traditional mode of prevention and health care, for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension (fat), diabetes and other metabolic diseases, development of compound preparations of chemical drugs and TCM through generic integration technology, rapidly reduce the corresponding indicators to restore the body's metabolic function.


Private Labeling Fuctional Herbal Supplements

Ready to start your own brand of private label functional herbal supplements?  Our stock formulations for private label functional herbal supplements are some of the best around.  We also provide private labeling and free in-house graphic design services to make sure that your new brand will stand out among the crowd.  Private labeling enables you to use our proven supplement formulas with your own branding and labeling on the bottles, while eliminating the expense and time required developing your own formulations.  Making use of private labeling provides you with a full product line from day one.


Custom Formulations

Many of our customers that take advantage of our private label program and contract manufacturing services, often find that they need a custom formulation for a specific client.  Formulations for our custom supplements are developed by our team of talented scientists. Whether a client comes to us with an existing formula they’d like us to improve, or they have an idea for a product, but no existing formula, our scientists can create a custom-tailored, science-based formulation that will make their concept a reality. Our highly experienced research and development team is here to make that a simple process.  We can provide test batching so that you can figure out the exact color, flavor and ingredients that you want in your new formulation.  We’ll have you up and running in no time!