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Self-checking for Men! If these 5 parts of the body are over size, the life will be effected.

Time: 2019-07-29

Self-checking for Men! If these 5 parts of the body are over size, the life will be effected

In the long river of history, the longevity has always been the "ultimate" pursued by human beings. However, there are very few longevity that can be done. The longevity is contrary to the "fantasy" of the scientific law. The data show that the average life expectancy of women worldwide is higher than that of men. In addition to their innate advantages, they are more influenced by the environment and diet.

For example, most men have bad habits such as smoking and drinking. In addition, there are not only a lot of harmful substances, but also irritations on blood vessels, which leads to an increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease and shortened life expectancy of men. Must pay attention when the following 5 parts of the body are over size.

1. The  liver is getting larger and larger.

Fatty liver, alcoholic liver, liver cirrhosis and other diseases may cause liver enlargement. Men have a higher incidence of fatty liver than women, and the incidence of alcoholic fatty liver disease continues to increase. The normal liver is within the costal margin and does not sense its presence by touching it. If the liver is enlarged, it may be touched by touching the liver area by hand, and this is also a great symbol of the occurrence of liver disease.

2. The  heart is getting bigger

The heart of a normal person is about the size of his fist, and although the body fat is constantly increasing, the heart will never grow in volume as the fat accumulates. Instead, the disease will cause changes in the heart volume, especially coronary heart disease. Dilated heart disease and so on.

bigger heart

3. Big belly

Science shows that men's waist circumference should be controlled within 85 cm. If the waist circumference is getting thicker, the chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease and fatty liver will increase. This is due to excessive accumulation of abdominal fat, which causes the internal organs to be compressed by fat. In particular, the liver in the abdomen is affected by fat and gradually damaged.

At the same time, fat accumulation will also affect blood health, leading to a gradual increase in blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels, thereby accelerating the formation of arteriosclerosis and thrombosis, and the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease will increase over time.


4. The prostate is getting bigger

The enlargement of the prostate is often associated with hyperplasia, and middle-aged men are the high-risk population of benign prostatic hyperplasia. If the hyperplasia is serious, it will also affect the urine. For example, dysuria is one of the symptoms, and there may be acute urinary retention, so the prostate is getting bigger and bigger is also one of the warning signals.

Of course, the prostate gradually becomes larger mot only caused by prostate hyperplasia, but also can be caused by prostate cancer. After the age of fifty-five, the risk of prostate cancer in men will gradually increase, so be sure to pay attention to prostate changes.




5. The neck is getting thicker

Many men's necks get thicker and thicker with age, and they don't even see the neck from afar. The increase in neck circumference is not a good thing. It is easy to cause sleep apnea which is snoring during sleep and even a pause for a minute. This is a very dangerous situation.

There are multiple arterial vessels connected to the brain in the neck. If the neck circumference is getting thicker, it means that there is too much fat accumulated in the part, which will also cause damage to the blood vessels. Over time, atherosclerosis occurs, and even cerebrovascular disease can be caused.